Rugg Seed Farm

    Shortly after immigrating to Canada, James Rugg started producing seed near the town of Elstow about 1912.  James Rugg believed that growing pure and clean seed would provide the best yield opportunity for his fields.  Eventually his sons, Barry and Bill, came into the operation and continued to produce seed as James Rugg and Sons.  Barry, Betty, Bill and Agnes eventually took over the farm as Rugg Bros and raised their two families on the farm.  They remained active throughout their lives in the Saskatchewan farming community and producing quality seed.  In 1976, they joined SeCan to become a member of the SeCan network of dealers and distributors.

    We began using the name Rugg Seed Farm in 1990.  Now Bob and Merle Rugg and their sons, Brian and Barry, are involved in the seed operation.  We are proud to have spent most of our lives living in Saskatchewan and for the better part in and around Elstow and Saskatoon.  We have spent most of our lives learning and working in the Agriculture industry, in support of our farm and seed production business.

  • Box 30 Elstow, SK S0K 1M0 Canada
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