Please send a completed electronic or paper Membership Application to the SeCan office. Once your application is received and approved, SeCan will send a membership agreement for signature. For more details about the SeCan/Member relationship please review this file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a SeCan member?
  • Anyone involved in the Canadian seed industry. US member applications are also welcome
What privileges does a SeCan member have?
  • Access to SeCan’s portfolio of general and exclusive release varieties in order to produce and sell seed
  • Marketing support from SeCan staff
Do I need to become a SeCan member to retail SeCan seed?
  • No, you do not need to become a SeCan member to retail SeCan seed
How much does a membership cost?
  • $500.00 CAD plus GST/HST per year
Who can I contact for more information?