CDC Lima CL® (
, Large Green


CDC Lima CL® is a large green Clearfield® lentil variety. It was recommended for registration in 2016 and will be released to Select Seed Growers in 2018. CDC Lima is a high-yielding large green imi-tolerant lentil. In the Lentil Registration Recommendation Trials, it yielded 114% of the Clearfield large green lentil variety CDC Improve in 2013 (Table 1) and 111% of the Clearfield large green lentil variety CDC Impower in 2014-2015 (Table 2). In the 2015-2017 Regional Variety Trials, CDC Lima a yielded 117% of CDC Impower (Table 3); bringing it closer to the yield of the top yielding large green variety CDC Greenstar (non-CL). CDC Lima  has similar disease resistance characteristics (Table 4) and agronomic traits as CDC Impower. It has a larger seed compared to CDC Impower which is also thicker; making CDC Lima more suitable for lentil dehulling (Table 5)

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